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Suited Up Odessa By Audiovideomeow :iconweirdseal:Weirdseal 27 2
Odessa On The Prowl By Audiovideomeow by Weirdseal
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A Report to the North
The northern forests by the city of Lustra were interrupted in one particular glade with the flight of several disturbed birds.  A remote glade that is home to a colossal earthen figure whose purpose has been lost to antiquity and stands motionless amongst the low clinging mist of the crisp morning.   The source of such disturbance readily makes its presence known with a large tree trunk being carried into the open by a rather innocuous woman in a simple outfit of tunic and pants.
Odessa rested the trunk on the ground next to the figure just for the sake of a quick rest, removing her travel sack from her belt.  The monk proceeds to a space between the forest edge and the statue, taking slow, deep breathes.  Following a series of stretches, the woman unleashes a mighty punch, clad in thick aura, to the ground.  The resulting cloud of debris takes a few moments to clear before revealing a large hole.  Whistling as she dusts herself off, the monk returns
:iconweirdseal:Weirdseal 6 3


Dark Warrior Odessa Wrapped by parangsakti
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Dark Warrior Odessa Wrapped :iconparangsakti:parangsakti 72 8
Odessa in the packaging dept by parangsakti
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Vaccube Odessa by parangsakti
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Snowcat rubberdoll infection  by parangsakti
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Intercepting Fist by Scribblehatch
A recent commission by :iconscribblehatch: where Odessa is unleashing the Intercepting Palm of Amrahkuhsa. 

Designed to be an early technique in the Astral Claw repertoire, the Intercepting Palm is a combat form of aura projection. This move propels energy away from the body, resulting in both a temporarily shield against incoming attack as well as an offensive push to create space. This technique forms the core of more advanced avatar projection, such as manifesting arms with augmented strength or creating a wall-like barrier with more enduring limb projections.
Odessa by Strype
A commission by Strype over on FA of Odessa in the armored version of her suit, sans helmet.


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